A bit about me! My name is Marko Dragoljevic, Serbian born and now based in Amsterdam, NL.
I grew up surrounded by airplanes since my father worked in Yugoslavian Air Force. It was all about planes and flying. So, a passion has developed for anything that flies.
In the meantime, space exploration became reality and I have embraced it as the next-gen flying.
A big event occured for me when I was 16 and back in 1994 visited Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC where I was able for the first time to see actually space crafts and related artifacts.
My favourite aircrafts are in random order: SR-71, MIG-31, Space Shuttle, FW-190, Me-262, Il-2, Spitfire.
In the meantime, I picked up on photography  so it was natural to merge both passions into one, so here we are.
Special shout out to some of my best friends, Janko Grujic for taking me to awesome historical places in Russia and Miroslav Miladinovic for taking me to IWM Duxford. 
P.S. Since for now I did not make it into space, I embraced scuba diving and enjoying no gravity under the water. I have also merged scuba diving and photography and more about that at https://www.markodragoljevic.com/